This is the application to be completed by persons wishing to be appointed to the Mediator List of the Office of the Horticulture Code Mediation Adviser. You are required to provide the information requested so that we can assess your ability to provide high quality mediation assistance to the horticulture industry.

We are seeking mediators in every Australian State and territory who have experience in mediating or assisting parties in the resolution of commercial disputes. Of course, expertise in the horticulture or farming sector will be an advantage.

As this is the first review of the panel in many years we are intending to appoint a larger number of mediators with a greater range of experience to ensure the longevity of the panel and opportunities for people who may be recently accredited mediators but who have relevant and long standing experience. Appointment to the panel is not a guarantee of work and the number of mediation requests varies significantly between States.


The selection process will involve consideration of each applicant’s declared skills and experience against the identified needs of the Horticulture Mediation Adviser in providing mediators to service requests for appointment.