The Code provides for nominated Horticulture Produce Assessors to help resolve a dispute by investigating and providing an independent report on any trade matter arising under a horticulture produce agreement.

The Assessor is appointed by the parties to the dispute or by a mediator appointed by the HMA, who can request the Assessor to investigate and report on matters that are in dispute. Typically, the Assessor will report on such things as; the condition and quality of produce; the rejection of horticulture produce; or payments made for produce by a trader, to see that they were done in accordance with the horticulture produce agreement and the requirements of the Code. The Assessor’s report is not binding but is a helpful guide to how issues may be resolved.

The costs of the Assessor are paid for by the party who appointed the Assessor, or if appointed by the mediator, each party to the mediation pays half the Assessor’s costs, unless the parties agree otherwise.

A new list of Horticulture Produce Assessors is being established by the HMA.

If you want to join the list of assessors register your interest here.