Office of the Horticulture Mediation Advisor

This is the official website of the Office of the Horticulture Mediation Adviser (HMA). The Mediation Adviser’s role is to help resolve disputes in the horticulture industry and, on request, appoint mediators from a specialist panel of experienced mediators across Australia.

The Horticulture Mediation Adviser is appointed by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources and the Office is funded by the Commonwealth Government, to assist growers and wholesalers of fresh fruit and vegetables Australia, resolve their disputes under the Horticulture Code of Conduct.

The Code, is a mandatory code prescribed by regulation under s. 51AE of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Code regulates trade in horticulture produce between growers and wholesalers of fresh fruit and vegetables in Australia and establishes a fair and equitable dispute resolution procedure. The aim of the Code is to improve the transparency and clarity of commercial transactions and reduce the costs disputes that occur.

Dispute Resolution Services

The Horticulture Mediation Adviser provides mediation services under the Code. If you are a grower or wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables involved in a dispute, you can get assistance here. But the Adviser cannot give legal advice.

To discuss your complaint, find out if the Code applies to your transaction and what assistance is available:

  • contact the Office of the Horticulture Adviser by making a free telephone call to 1800 475 467
  • complete the On-Line Enquiry to request a call back to discuss your complaint

If you are either a grower or wholesaler and wish to use the Code’s dispute resolution process, then the other trading party must comply. The Code first requires that the parties attempt to resolve their dispute by negotiation and, if that fails, to participate in mediation.

The Mediation Adviser has established a panel of qualified and skilled mediators to provide low cost mediation services under the Code. You can request that a mediator be appointed to assist with the resolution of your dispute by making a Request for a Mediator Appointment.